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        Jiangsu Subei Valve Co.,Ltd (Former:Subei Valve Factory),founded in 2007,is a company that professional design、research and development、produce and sell high-quality valves and fittings.As a professional manufacturer engaged in fluid drive products and system,Subei-lok constantly seek innovation, and provide users with more reliable products and excellent and service.



        Subei-lok, at present, owns excellent processing and testing equipment, which lays a solid foundation for the high-quality products. Globe valve,ball valve,needle valve,check valve,metering valve,valve manifold,pressure relief valve,gate valve,pipe fittings,and the customized products of SUBEI-LOK have been sold within the country and throughout Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc. and also widely be used in many industries of including petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, nuclear power, light industry, environmental protection, scientific research, food, shipbuilding etc..

    江苏苏北阀门已通过ISO9001、ISO14001、特种设备制造许可(TS A级认证中),作为中石化及众多知名企业的合格供应商,我司不断引进国内外先进工艺、提高自身产品质量、并不断突破行业标准来达到客户的期望,并配备一批训练有素的员工队伍,为客户购买的产品提供完善的质量保证和优质的售后服务。江苏苏北阀门承诺以优质的质量和诚挚的服务为客户服务。
Jiangsu Subei Valve has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and special equipment manufacturing licenses(TSA certification) as qualified suppliers of Sinopec and many well-known companies. Division I continuously introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology, improve the quality of their own products, and constantly break through the industry standards to meet customer expectations, and equipped with a group of trained staff to customers to purchase products to provide perfect quality assurance and quality after-sales service. Jiangsu Subei Valve is committed to quality and sincere service for customer service.
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